About the Town Bike

The Town Bike-01Only store in Las Vegas carrying Brooklyn Cruisers & Linus Bicycles

Click the Map
r02301310022111The Town Bike

Downtown Las VegasĀ @ Juhl Lofts

Fixed Gear, Urban and Vintage Bicycles


14 thoughts on “About the Town Bike

  1. Master Ryder ....

    Serving any beer in this joint Amie ?
    Just kidding ….
    Best of luck with “The Town Bike”

  2. Anonymous

    Amie, Looking forward to your store opening. Will be great for The Juhl and downtown! Best of Luck!

  3. Tom Cruise

    I’m trying to contact someone about painting the shop? My friend told me you were looking for art, he wasn’t local so he told me to contact you. Tried contacting you through the “contacts” link on your page and it just reloads the website. Anyways please email me back, thank you for your time.

  4. Karl

    Amie, great to meet you and look forward to your grand opening. You are going to be big success

  5. Tracy

    I just heard you marked up the prices by 2x’s and then said you were having a sale!!!!! That is not ethical. I am glad I saw that before I went in to buy one to support you since I live at Juhl. Good Riddins! We do NOT want people like you in our neighborhood

  6. Robert Gilmore

    Hi, just read about you in LV Weekly, I’m a land surveyor and am born and raised in LV. I do a lot of work in the down area as we start to bring in a new and exciting era into downtown.
    Anyway, recently I was in Chicago, and I nocited there a citywide bike rental thing, almost on every corner. I didn’t use it but looked like a very popular idea. Just wanted to pass along that little bit of info. Very best of luck to you and thank you for helping revive the downtown area.


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